Quality Focus

Material Quality:


Quality of every product starts with material. The quality of Stainless Steel has a crucial influence on products' quality & impacts reliability and durability of products. We use material as specified below for manufacturing of different products:


1) Japanese stainless steel ( J2 ) is the basic material for manufacturing of high quality Nippers for flush cutting.

2) High carbon steel for manufacturing of Fishing Scissors and Scissor Clamps.

3) Japanese stainless steel ( J1 ) for manufacturing of Forceps, Mitten Clamps, Tweezers and Fly Tying tools.


Our products are all rust-free because we are using very high quality stainless steel. Our specialist Purchase Engineer is responsible for purchasing material. Our engineer checks the stainless steel before making purchase based on the following criteria:


1) Rockwell hardness of the steel

2) Finishing result of steel

3) Weight of the steel according to the products


Research and Development:


Research & Development is very important for our business success and we are continuously doing research to improve products. Our engineers continuously work on new designs with multiple new finishings for our clients and to meet market demand.

As an organization, we always try our best to support our workers for an accurate and perfect job by providing them with the latest machinery and technology.


Quality Policy:


Our workers have been trained for final checking of products keeping International Standards in mind.

Our Quality Control department observed different stages of Manufacturing closely to ensure that every tool we manufacture is of very high quality. At the time of final packing, our QC department checks each and every piece closely to fulfill all the requirements of our clients.


Above all, we always keep in touch with our clients after deliver orders to get their valuable feedback on all delivered products.

All of these factors play a key role in producing excellent quality instruments.

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